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Submit visual or written art to raise $$ for Katrina victims

Accepting Submissions: C2A's Art Book Guidelines

C2A: Please read the following, send in your submissions, and direct people to this page if they need more details regarding the Art Book.

Call to Action was started by several artists who believe that sympathy isn't enough. However, all the organizations for charitable causes called for monetary donations or new item donations that required money. We were sure there was a way that people could contribute--even those who were strapped for cash in the best of times. So we started a community on Livejournal and have been working day and night to build projects that let artists, musicians, and crafters help charitable causes using their passions and talents. In a few days, a 2CD benefit will go into production made completely of donated Mp3s from independent artists, We're currently collecting submissions for the benefit Art Book you were notified with, and soon we will begin accepting submissions for an online crafty vendor coupon book. All the proceeds from each of our products will go directly to our current cause. For these three projects, our cause is relief for Hurricane Katrina vicitms.

The art book benefit (we're also accepting suggestions for a book title) is the perfect way for all the "starving artists" to contribute to the cause. Of course, that's not a prerequisite, but it was the driving force behind the project. It will be a tribute to honor all the Gulf Coast cities that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. These include New Orleans, Mobile, Ocean Springs, Biloxi, Gautier, Slidell, Dauphin Island, and many more.
Therefore, we're looking for your tributes whether they're pieces inspired by this region, pieces created while visiting, recollections, fiction pieces about these regions, prayers/hopes/predictions about the future of these regions, and more.

The book will be published (we're working with a number of prospective publishers to see who will donate the most books or give us the lowest price estimate. If you know of a publisher we should contact, please let me know) and sold cross-country at independent venues, online sites, small galleries, info shops, independent bookstores, coffee shops, and cafes.
100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross.

We're working on the layout of the book now. It will be filled with writing and artwork of all ages, from all regions, at varying levels of ability. We will be sorting the submissions and a decision is being made on how we will order them in the book. It is possible they will be sectioned off into chapters based on region (ie. New Orleans art, Biloxi art, etc.), but they may also be chaptered by the type of piece (ie. all photos together, all poetry together, etc.).

We will be sending out one-time release forms to all the artists that contribute to the final project before we begin production. Those details will be in the contracts but basically it says that you will retain all the rights to your piece, that we can only use it in this one project, that we swear to maintain the artistic integrity of the piece, and won't be allowed to anything but re-size and crop (as long as the artistic integrity is maintained). It also states that our group, penniless as we are now, penniless it shall remain.

Digital and film photographs, poetry, prose, short stories, sketches, doodles, polaroids, paintings, sculptures, journal entries, prayers, personal accounts of the storm or reactions to the news, opinion pieces, letters, digital art, crafts, scrapbooks pages, cell phone art, fiction, spraypaint art, mixed media, nonfiction, and pretty much everything in-between.


1.Your art piece, in high-resolution digital format one of the following forms: .png or .jpg.
Please use .jpg as a last resort.
Images needn't be large, though that helps.
2.An email address we can contact you at

Credit in this book is optional. If you'd like to use this as the excellent publicity opportunity it is, please provide us with what you'd like to accompany your piece:

Your name
Your deviantart name and/or your gallery URL
Your age
and/or Your location

We're hoping to close submissions on this project by this time next week. However, if something absolutely prohibits you from meeting that deadline, please contact us and we will do our best to work something out. We certaintly don't want someone to miss out on sharing an incredible tribute piece just because of our lofty deadline goals. We also understand the evasive nature of muses.

Please send us any piece you wish to contribute or think may be suitable. Multiple submissions are encouraged! You don't have to include the one we requested. Submissions will be sorted and you will all be notified of the ones that make the final cut.

If you have any other questions or concerns,
do not hesitate to get in touch:

THANK YOU AGAIN and we hope you'll join us
in this call to action for Hurricane Katrina relief.

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