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Hi, I'm Cristina, and I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've just moved back in with my parents after finishing a degree in literature at the University of California - Davis.

I'm an aspiring novelist with a few short novellas already written - one of which is somewhat anarcho-feminist and addresses domestic violence, racism, poverty, ageism, materialism/consumerism - a lot of issues, through a cast of unusual characters. Another one is more traditionally "literary," but touches on poverty and the plight of low wage workers and foster children.

I was wondering if there are any other writers in this community, and, also, how do people here conceive of maintaining a balance between the "artistic" aspects of their work and the message they want to project? I struggle with that a lot - I feel that my work is either purely literary and ignores real issues, or it's pure activism and perhaps too hard-hitting and obvious.
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