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Theatre Workshop

Writing on Your Feet -
Playwrighting workshop with Jean-Claude van Itallie

August 19 - 21, 2005
Rowe, MA

Jean-Claude, well-known playwright, the author of The Playwright’s Workbook, teaches an exciting new writing technique he perfected writing his recent play Light. Jean-Claude says, “Writing, like other arts, is a physical process carried on the breath. In Writing on Your Feet, holding an image in mind and moving physically, words are born in your belly. You speak them aloud and they are recorded. Working in this way, writing is a profound physical process, and the result is astonishingly visceral and alive on the page.”In Jean-Claude’s unique non-judgmental and disciplined workshop you’ll move in different modes, meditate, and “on your feet” tell experiential stories, dreams and anything you wish to write. You’ll listen to and encourage others. A partner will record your words, and you’ll edit. Writing or performance experience is welcome but not needed. The workshop is open to anyone who’s previously taken a workshop with Jean-Claude. People are invited to develop works-in-progress.

Jean-Claude van Itallie, founder and artistic director of Shantigar, was a central force in the explosive American theatre of the sixties. His more than thirty plays include America Hurrah, The Serpent, The Tibetan Book of the Dead and translations of the major plays of Chekhov. He’s taught play writing at Amherst, Columbia, Esalen, Harvard, Naropa, New York University, Omega, Princeton and Yale.  In 1999 he performed his one-man show, War, Sex and Dreams at Highways in Santa Monica and at LaMama in NYC.  In 2002 he received the New England Theatre Conference award for Outstanding Achievement in the American Theatre. In October, 2004, his play Light premiered at the Theatre at Boston Court in Pasadena. His newest play is Fear Itself, secrets of the White House.

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